30 thoughts on “Take some notes 2K”

  1. When the brandname on the game cares about their image more than about greed.

    Lego has always been about taking money from adults, never about taking from children by causing chemicals in their brains to go “Oh I must steal mommy’s card to get that special mauve colored lego block”, we have EA and their friends for that.

  2. 2K may have flubbed NBA 2K, but they are on fire with Borderlands 3. Borderlands 3 on EGS has already beaten Borderland’s 2 peak ever player count for Borderlands 2 on Steam. And Borderlands 2 has rated higher than Borderlands 1 in reviews, and it’s impressed fans.

  3. For me personally, I stopped enjoying them when they started using actual movie dialogue for the cut scenes. They were so much funnier when they had to mime their way though it.

  4. Eh, I think the series went downhill when they introduced voiced dialog. Part of the original *Lego Star Wars* & *Batman’s* charm was their ability to convey without words. Before the memes, this was the best way to experience the prequels. And you could kill Jar Jar. Repeatedly.

    By contrast, the gags in *Lego Marvel* just seemed kinda stale. I heard it got really bad in *Lego LotR* when they (badly) ripped voice lines from the movie DVD’s. And they had to cancel *Lego Hobbit 3* because of schedule trouble, releasing the games faster than the movies. Granted, that may speak more to the clusterfuck that was the Hobbit trilogy, but I think it’s fair to say Lego’s solid game engine ran out of gas.

    And the vehicle levels sucked.

  5. I mean if your comparing them to adult games then be honest, they are lazier than madden nfl

    Its the same 15+ year old Engine, same fonts, same resources, the majority of the games have no original voice acting if any at all, same textures, no original writing, models and stories are taken from the lego toy company, which are taken from another company.

    Its the same game every movie but with different skins.

    I love the games, mostly for nostalgia, but they are still lazy as shit.

  6. Great meme. Especially since everyone is always like, “I wonder what game will be released next in the Marvel games franchise. I hope it’s a LEGO game! Because those are really part of franchises. And not just casual games that no one takes seriously beyond having casual fun.”

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