45 thoughts on “TF2 anyone?”

  1. To be fair, your achievement is now harder than the others.
    When Conga first came out it was much easier to get that achievement. Everyone was dancing and enjoying the new taunt.
    Now, good luck even getting 6 people to do it before someone runs in to shoot everyone. You’d either have to be on an utterly dominated team trapped in spawn and just waiting for the mission timer to run down, or a busy trade server with the rare blessing that you don’t have one jackass.

  2. If I remember correctly there use to be achievement servers to do just these things can’t remember if there still is.

  3. I was happy about getting the Rasputin achievement as Pyro. Pretty sure the fire damage was my own.

  4. Always loved the character ads, especially the **sniper’s:**
    *”No, I’m naughta crazed gunman, dad! I’m an assassin!”*

    *”…the difference bein’ one is a job, the other’s mental sickness!”*

  5. I remember that game…… had many happy hour afk farming equipment while doing something else.

    Eventually sold everything on the Steam market and bought GTAV and millions of online credit with my, essentially free earnings 😀

  6. There were some really weapon specific ones that I remembered never getting because you either have to set up the situation or you have to be really lucky that someone is holding it because it has been outdated.

  7. Just checked my TF stats on steam 420 of 520 achievements done. didn’t do to bad with that game really

  8. I’ve been bored of Overwatch kinda being the same thing every game and recently been catching some tf2 games again and I’ve really fallen back in love with it. The game is still solid and very fun, tons of players and servers still out there. A good mix of noobs and vets make the casual servers usually a good time.

  9. Ah we can dance if we want to, we can leave your friends behind. Cause your friends don’t dance and if they don’t dance. Well they’re are no friends of mine.

  10. I remember one time where someone scammed me with a hat saying it’s worth 8 refined metal. Later that day someone was selling a strange shotgun for 8 refined metal, and he told that my hat wasn’t worth that much. I was sad at first, but then he just gave the shotgun to me. TF2 was the best game

  11. Overwatch: We ban people for being toxic. TF2: kill semeone, taunt on his body and make the user to disconnect from the server to get this achievement. (seriously, there is a achievement like this in tf2)

  12. Got to do the conga line on a server once, never got the achievement.
    Though it felt like a true gamer moment when some of my teammates and the enemies just started dancing in the middle of a payload.

    I still have a glimpse of it in a screenshot.


    Reminds me of that time in WW1 where the french and germans stopped fighting on christmas day then just chilled and even played sports

  13. my most proud achievement is the one where you take the gnome to the rocket ship in half life 2 part 2

  14. I have a rare medic hat that people used to bug me about a lot. Had to change my privacy settings so random people would stop messaging me.

  15. This is my biggest complaint with PC gaming. I see videos of people on Xbox for example, and that achievement notification is so satisfying. On Steam we get a little box in the corner of our screen. No sound, just anything. Just a little box you probably won’t even notice.

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