9 thoughts on “tfw u poor”

  1. there is a lifehack: use Internet Explorer. This way you hear about the new games at the time they are already on sale for a huge discount.

  2. My reaction everytime i see a new switch game and then is reminded about how expensive games on Nintendo console are…

  3. I watch DayZ videos daily.

    Literally waiting for my birthday for an excuse to get myself that game. I’m turning 30 in a week, my daughter turns 2 three weeks after that, then my wife turns 30 TWO WEEKS AFTER THAT.

    I’m going to be bankrupt by Christmas. I’m glad I got my Xbox One before I got married haha

  4. If money doesn’t exist the games won’t be able to charge people or earn profit or funding. What are you saying even?

  5. This original clip from Hannibal Burris about him buying apple juice is one of my all time fav stand up shorts. So well done.

  6. But hey, whenever one of those hot new games comes out trash you almost feel good that you couldn’t afford it immediately.

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