I used to be tempting by early announcements of games on Steam. Pre-order this, get a bonus for that, early beta access over here, etc.

Of course, I stopped that behavior (for the most part), knowing full well that I should wait for reviews; that, in fact, I was enabling publishers’ behaviors by pre-ordering games. But sometimes, I just wanted to support developers I really loved and I didn’t care what the final product was going to look like.

But then EGS came along and started poaching games for their store exclusivity, and more than once they were games that were already being advertised on Steam.

So now, without being able to even guarantee the launcher the game will be available on, I no longer pre-order games. Any game. Ever. It’s not worth the risk.

So thank you EGS, for making PCgaming better by making us realize that we should never pre-order games.

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43 thoughts on “Thank you, EGS, for making PC gaming better by finally teaching us NOT to pre-order”

  1. I just need Dead Matter and System Shock to stay on Steam, then I’m peacing off Kickstarter because Epic keeps picking games off there. I’m in effect preordering, but I’m locked into it because my money is used to fund the game.

  2. The only way to now be playing Metro Exodus on Steam was actually pre-order the game on Steam. But EGS has pretty much killed the want to support developers early.

  3. This was a contributing factor – another was me going through all the games on my Steam Library and realizing how many came with pre-order bonuses that don’t mean anything now.

    Especially the amount of games I pre-ordered but still to this day haven’t finished – used to be sensible to pre-order when the game would be cheaper and come with a few extras but now it’s just the game and the extras cost more.

    The Outer Worlds was actually going to be a game I was going to pre-order till they turned into greedy sea-unts and took the Exclusivity deal now I’m not sure I even want the game after it’s exclusivity period is done.

    Thing is I’m sure Microsoft could have paid to have TOW break it’s contract with Tencent-epic but after playing the game probably realized it’s not worth the money to do so instead letting it take the money and leaving the game to rot.

  4. I’m done thinking in any way that I have to “support the cause” by buying a game early. And by early I mean in the release window when they get most of their sales generally.

    I have so many games that it would take 20 years to play them all. I’ll get to them when I get to them, and more and more just letting them sit in my wishlist until I feel I want to buy it.

  5. Hopefully this type of mindset is known to the publishers. If Epic keeps kicking the pot at this point, we might actually see some changes in behaviour once preorders are low

  6. But didn’t Metro Exodus honor their pre-orders on Steam, meaning **only** those who pre-ordered that game have the benefit of having it on Steam already?

  7. Gamers: Do not Pre-order!1! *BOTTOM TEXT*

    Also Gamers: OWO was dis? CyberGeraldo by CD Projekt? Imma pre-order for myself and my friend Bob!!!

  8. There are developers I love but still… why even pre-order the game? it does nothing for you. I usually wait for reviews… and even then sales too. Pretty rare I’ll buy a game day one anymore.

  9. Im glad im not the only one who stopped doing this, I stopped pre-ordering games a number of years ago after being burned so many time. I don’t even bother with Steam early access games anymore. This whole supporting the development is a load of bollocks.

    Plus I flatly refuse to purchase anything from EGS because it’s a big pile of wank.

  10. Don’t forget kickstarting.Nobody is going to trust kickstarting any more.

    Homeworld 3 has a kickstarter thing, and very carefully DOESN’T mention what platforms it will be releasing on, and the people running it are 100% evasive towards it.

    In the fucking trash it goes.

    Even games that specifically mention steam keys as backing rewards (Mechwarrior 5 comes to mind) aren’t safe.

    They are harming the entire industry.

  11. The only thing I learned from this whole Epic Games Store fiasco is that a successful villain is the one who successfully portrays himself as a Savior

  12. egs bad, upvotes to the left

    lol, where’s this post content? WOW, you finally understand how stupid it is to pre-order; I think it’s your fault for not realizing it in the first place… But no, let’s say that egs is bad (how? for doing competition right and challenging steam head on?) for that sweet sweet karma

  13. I’m a game developer, and my first title is released end of January.

    Around £320,000 has gone into the title and you know what?

    Don’t pre-order it. I’ll release a demo. I’m giving it to outlets a month in advance with no embargo, and of you don’t like it you still have 2 hours for a refund on PC (dunno how it works on consoles).


    A few people have asked. The game is called “Woodsalt” (previously Sonder). If you’d like to follow us, come join the incredibly barren subreddit; [https://www.reddit.com/r/Woodsalt/new/](https://www.reddit.com/r/Woodsalt/new/)

  14. I’m done supporting causes and developers. This is just business. Treat me properly first, we’ll see if you can get some of my money. EGS is just making my sorting process easier.

  15. No offence guys but doesnt it get boring just constantly complaining about EGS. It’s all I ever see from this subreddit anymore.

  16. I’m a Linux user and take issue with the egs it’s even more proprietary than micto$oft. At least ms has a shopping cart. If a game is announced as exclusive I will not play the developer obviously doesn’t want my money. I don’t even have the epic store installed in lutris. If it comes to steam or any other store even windows clients like Uplay great I’ll play it. I’m glad steam supports Linux so well with proton. Remember you always have a choice not to buy a game. I’m glad valve recently updated their terms to stop Devs from using steam like free advertising then pulling a bait and switch.

  17. I don’t even have a desire to buy new games anymore. I’ve been burned too many times by expectations and all the bullshit in the industry just turns me off of supporting anyone but a small handful. I’d rather play my backlog of games or either of the two MMOs that I play.

  18. >So thank you EGS, for making PCgaming better by making us realize that we should never pre-order games.

    It’s hilarious that you think that we’ve all stopped pre-ordering because of EGS. Truth is pre-orders are alive and well and will never go away.

    Pre-ordering isn’t even a risky choice these days. Game isn’t working or not as good as you thought? Refund. Need the money you put towards the pre-order back for something important? Cancel pre-order.

    This “Never ever pre-order” malarkey is out dated advice because it was a movement started when refunds were not a common practice and if a game was bad you were locked into your purchase. Now there’s really no downsides to pre-ordering.

    Now I’ll just wait for the downvotes and no replies because nobody ever actually tries to argue this point.

  19. It is quite bizarre how pre ordering got so big on pc. Back when I was a kid, we would only pre-order games because we could only get physical copies and you wanted to make sure there was one for you when you went to the store. I will never understand why someone would preorder a digital game? You could just go into the digital store on the day it would release and download it then there is never any reward for pre-ordering that would be worth for fitting you are right to read reviews before the game came out.

  20. I’ve sunk over 1k hours in to Borderlands games and I am not pre ordering 3 due to all this bullshit.

    Not sure people realize if they’re willing to tread on the consumer at this point how badly they will do it after launch.

  21. Honestly I have saved a lot of money because of EGS. By the time it’s being released on Steam I’m already over it and probably playing something else or actually doing something with my pathetic life.

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