48 thoughts on “Thanks, Chief, Y’know I really appreciate you launching all of my belongings into the vacuum of space”

  1. I also laughed when he said “no, we need to fight.” That’s easy to say when you’re a 7-foot tall, thousand pound armored dude with regenerating shields. What a dick…

  2. Acceptable loss for planting a nuke on a covenant battleship. I mean, would all of those munitions combined have done the damage he did? Don’t whoosh me. I’m getting whooshed.

  3. Or, perhaps the Chief strategically took everythign with him in anticipation of having to McGuyver in space1

  4. Also, were pelicans equipped with any weapons? Why or why not? Why didn’t she have anything to defend herself?

  5. I think after losing Cortana, Chief’s become much more morally gray. He only cares about war, and doesn’t even thank this guy.

  6. One thing that’s always bothered me about Halo, being a Navy man myself, is how everyone calls the Master Chief, Chief. Not only are they two different ranks, with Senior Chief in between them, it’s completely disrespectful. Just saying

  7. What happened at the end of halo 5 so that he’s floating in space? I didn’t get the chance to finish halo 5 campaign

  8. Yeah, and he’s not even asking for a weapon anymore he just straight up takes that marines rifle.

  9. It’s setting up a secondary antagonist. 2/3 of the way through and suddenly this guy shows up and screws up your plans because he’s trying to get revenge for his stuff.

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