16 thoughts on “The average No Man’s Sky player now plays the game for 45 hours”

  1. 102 hours logged for me. Will play it again from the beginning when the VR update hits this summer.

  2. It’s amazing the turn around of it. I don’t own it yet, but I officially added it to my steam wishlist.

  3. just bought it during summer sale, is it better to wait for Beyond update? i heard it can messed up save game

  4. What’s this based on? What Sean says? The article doesn’t provide how this was measured, if it’s for all platforms, if it counts every player since launch (and so on). I have 1,000+ hrs in a heavily modded Fallout 4, which means I could cover the average for ~22 people, the same could easily be happening here. There are so many things that could skew the average.

    And speaking of average – it still describes the game fairly well (as do the 105,000 Steam reviews giving it a ‘mixed’ 52% rating). It’s a lot better than it was but I still haven’t been able to crack the 10 hour mark, let alone 45.

  5. Ah Reddit, the second anyone offers a positive opinion of there experience with No Man’s Sky they get down voted. How dare they have fun with a game you do not like.
    I’ve clocked about 48 hours, so I guess I’m an average player! Haven’t played in in about a year an a half though, so no idea what it’s like now.

  6. This is the third post in a day on No Man’s Sky that has been painting it or Sean in a good light.

    Naaaah man I’m good.

  7. I got 40+ hours on this game. The fun I got out of it was trying to get the max upgrade slots for my ship. Once I got that, I had nothing else to play for.

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