35 thoughts on “The best moment from MGS3”

  1. Knowing how awkward Snake is, I feel like the most canon response would actually be:

    That’s fucked up Eva

    *No, I mean I’d like-*

    We’re people. You can’t eat people Eva.

    **sigh* *rides off on motorcycle**


  2. Not even OP.

    Best moment in all of MGS3 is you can literally beat a boss fight by fucking around with your PS2 internal clock

    Its one of the most hilarious ways to kill a boss by doing fuck all nothing

  3. Can’t play it on PSNow because it doesn’t recognize the pressure sensitive button prompts. I gotta bust out my PS2 sometime soon or figure out a better solution.

  4. No, the best moment is just after this when they practice wrestling moves in the cave (secret cutscene you need to trigger)

  5. *Best moments from a lot of MGS games (recent), are when you spam R2 during radio conversations, still have no idea why they put that feature in but it’s fucking hilarious when there’s a dramatic moment and you hear

    “Raiden, my time is over, you have to defuse the bomb on Strut A…”

    “Why don’t you do it?!!”

  6. Oh boy! A chance to ramble on about one of my favorite pieces of video game trivia: Kojima’s infamous mocap actor swap!

    During the production of MGS3, there were two motion-capture actors for Snake. One handled the action-y stuff like the combat rolls, gunplay, and CQC. The other handled the dramatic, interpersonal scenes. These two clearly had completely different skill sets and backgrounds.

    Which is why, without warning, Hideo Kojima would arrive on the set and demand that they swap places.

    This may sound like some weird, Kubrickian, power-tripping director insanity, but his reasoning was pretty ingenious.

    At the time of this story, Snake is an awkward, socially-inept twentysomething who has spent almost his entire life being trained to be an incredibly capable soldier. He is *not* the suave, charismatic, impossibly skilled leader we all know at this point.

    To drive this home, Kojima pulled the actor swap to highlight this inexperienced awkwardness. The action guy wasn’t used to doing one-on-one, touchy-feely scenes and his nervousness naturally reflected in his performance. Supposedly there was even an entire scene changed because the actor reflexively pulled away from a kiss during a scene with EVA instead of following through as written. Kojima felt that this fit the character far more than being the suave ladies’ man-type of super spy.

    On the other hand, you had the dramatic actor attempting combat maneuvers. Of course, these were imperfect and clumsy. Again, this is exactly what Kojima wanted. Those imperfections were needed to show that, though he’s already badass in his own right, this is *far* before Snake becomes the untouchable soldier of legend. He’s still human, and those flubbed combat rolls and awkward reloads are meant to highlight this.

    Tl;dr: Kojima told two mocap actors “you bitches switching” and is a goddamn genius for doing so.

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