32 thoughts on “The Denver USO knows what’s up”

  1. They know that the current version of fortnite makes it difficult to have multiple sign onto their epic account?

  2. Ah the USO. I had to wait 4 hours for a flight out of Dallas to go to my next duty station and they had food, games, and even a futon to sleep on.

  3. I have young kids in my house who play on PC and I can tell you that Fortnite is poorly designed trash.

    * Can’t install on a limited account on Windows (Fortnite Installer doesn’t escalate with UAC properly to do the install with admin credentials. Most other games/programs will prompt for admin creds, but still install for local user.
    * Doesn’t have an option to install for all users. (Is installed by default into Program Files, but is a single user install for some reason.)
    * If you run the Fortnite installer on a second user account on Windows, it doesn’t recognize the already installed copy and won’t let you continue (workaround is to rename folder temporarily, start the install, kill everything, and then copy the already downloaded files back.)
    * Crashes constantly. My house is full of gamers (wife+me+4 kids) who play tons of different games on the same PC (Path of Exile, Sims 4, Diablo 3, PUGB, World of Warcraft, etc) and none of them crash nearly as much as Fortnite. Literally every 5-6 matches my son is raging because Fortnite froze and crashed again.

    EDIT one more:

    * Don’t ever change your email to another google account on Fortnite, because if you ever log in under the new Google account it will prompt you to create a new Fortnite account because it doesn’t recognize you have an account already, if you complete the setup, all your progress is lost because you won’t be able to login to the old account. (Luckily my daughter had only been playing a week or less when this happened.)

  4. I do understand the logic behind this, I really do, but it was a punch to the gut when I was turned away the first time I tried to visit after EAS.

  5. It’s all fun and games until a Karen says it’s okay for their hell spawn to do it anyways

  6. Former DEN resident here, specifically Englewood. The USO was the shit back in the day, especially in my long, personal trips to canada and salt lake. That was a life saver when i could get some rest before my late night flights and also was great for when we wanted to come early to the INTL and needed something to pass the time. Great bonding time for me and some of my bros from far lands haha. Pay a visit if your ever in Denver International and need to pass some time.

  7. And yet somehow my friend had a person log into his Fortnite account from a remote system and spent his V-Bucks. Was the strangest thing. No VBucks purchasing. Just V-Bucks spent.

  8. All you had to do was stop at “Please do NOT install Fortnite”

    There is never a reason to install Forkknife, ever….

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