It just hit me that the Epic Launcher has a shopping cart for its Unreal Engine asset store but not for its games. Is there a reason that they can’t merge/share the same cart?

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8 thoughts on “The Epic Launcher has a shopping cart for Unreal assets but not Epic games. Can someone explain?”

  1. Yeah, there are reasons. They’re different storefronts, I’m not a front end dev but even small features take time to build and work

  2. There could be a multitude of reasons behind it, maybe the way they are doing refunds is better with single purchases etc

    honestly until they have a DLC shitfest game like Borderlands 3 will be it’s fine without the cart, when gearbox puts 1000 little things there they will definitely need it.

  3. Strange isn’t it? While `Epic for Developers` is just another regular store that has *”Shopping Cart”*, `€pic for Gamers` is the biggest disappointment to us all gamers/consumers trying to run on bare minimum and can’t even succeed on that.

    Guessing the *”Store Team”* is entirely different from Developer Team and the Site InfraStructure for both Teams are also vastly different so that it’s not that simple as changing few bytes of code of Developer Store to adapt it to *”Consumer Store”*.

  4. unreal asset store was made with the intention of being an actual store that sold stuff people wanted. When it was made it was made with the customers in mind.


    The games store was just some shit plopped together for one purpose. Sell the games you can’t buy anywhere else. They don’t need jack shit on that store when they take away all your other choices. Instead of giving you a reason to make you come over by your own choice, they force you over with exclusives. its painfully simple.

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