36 thoughts on “The Evolution of Terry Bogard”

  1. And then in his fourth stage, he gets a sex change.

    Seriously, why’d they do that again? I don’t disapprove, I’m just confused.

  2. So many conflicting things going on…. if its an evolution line. why does it jump from #10 to #33 to #74?

    Also the game themselves, why would evolution lines only go forward once per game in the same generation?

    Also the names are just generational consoles…

    So much wrong here…

  3. I am so excited for that dude to be released. Not because I know who he is, it’s just that I share a name with him.

  4. Just proves the theory that children who love hurting or seeing animals get hurt grow up to be people who would also enjoy hurting other humans.

  5. This seems like a downgrade.

    “I have psychic powers” “I train animals who have psychic powers”

    “Hey I work out”

  6. Im so confused as to whats happening here. What does pokemon blue to red to yellow have to do with the evolution? And why are their numbers so spread out? Lol. Still pretty funny and awesome nonetheless.

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