46 thoughts on “The Final Boss”

  1. My guy. You are looking ashy af. You ***need*** to come try this fresh new moisturizer. Shit is hot. It will turn that desert into a silky ocean of sexyness. Your lover won’t be able to keep their hands off of you after one use. The price? Only ^^^^$199.99 aaaaand if you buy today with ***me*** you will get this super exclusive tote absolutely free!

  2. Yeah those weirdos are assholes too, I told a guy no thanks once and he got all offended said something like “WHAT YOU DON’T CARE ABOUT NICE SKIN?!?”

    Like Jesus Christ dude, go to McDonalds and get a real job.

  3. He probably thinks hes the ultimate life form. But one day, when he realises that 90 degree angles aren’t sexy he’ll cry in regret.

  4. Is this someone cosplaying as a cartoon character I’m not familiar with, or is that really the look this guy is going for?

  5. I love that from only looking at his face you can already picture the rest of him including the muscle implants.

  6. I’m always pretty impressed with how bad some people actually look.
    This dude has zero self awareness if he thinks that’s the suit for him.

  7. His weakness would be to call him pale and out of shape. Than, as he becomes enraged and reaches for his emergency can of spray tan and then drops down to do ten emergency push-ups, you strike at the base of the skull where the hair gel shield is the thinnest.

  8. I got approached by one of these guys. I was talking and didn’t hear his nonsense, or notice him at all really, until he put his hands on me. I thought he was trying to pickpocket me or something, so I snatched him my the wrist. If my wife wasn’t on that side I might have just elbowed him in the face. I won’t lie though that mans skin was soft. Probably should have bought that lotion.

  9. This is a boss in YAKUZA 0.


    Edit : did they run out of properly sized suits? I mean if the rock can rock a nice suit, this douche should too.

  10. Walkthrough: Compliment him on his tie. By the time he works out whether this is a threat to his ego, you’ll be too far for him to engage without him losing face.

  11. I feel like I have a gallon of lotion on me now. Get it off! Get it off! Probably can’t even shake your hand. It slides right out of his grip.


    He smells like Sunscreen, dove lotion, axe deodorant, and aftershave to me.


    What a nightmare!

  12. The fact that I was recently at a mall where this shit was going down makes this meme that much more funny…Thank you for making me pee in my pants

  13. This dude has spent more time on his appearance than i have in my entire 35 year existence. Idk if i should be laughing or horrified at myself.

  14. Last time I was at the mall there was a guy outside the door selling “scents” in little plastic viles.

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