9 thoughts on “The First 17 Minutes of Blasphemous”

  1. 2 minutes into the game:

    Devs: “Here’s the tutorials, now enjoy first your boss fight!”

    Me: -_-

    No but seriously this looks awesome I’m really looking forward to it!

  2. I hate to say “2d dark souls” because that’s dismissive of this games fantastic unique style – but this is the best version of that I’ve seen yet. It looks so TIGHT and the art style is horrific and beautiful.

  3. Gonna have to pass on this. Just seems like another “dark souls” indie sidescroller in a sea of them. The art is at least pretty cool.

  4. 3:40 – Hitboxes look terrible this was a direct hit from above. In a 2d setting you shouldn’t give the player i frames with sliding it makes it too easy.

  5. Looks brilliant…4.19 to 4.30 mark!!!lol…so bad ass….this kind of game brings back so many good memories of megadrive/snes games…

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