19 thoughts on “The Flood from Halo are larger than you think. Their faces say it all”

  1. Now imagine one of those taking its razor sharp tentacles, cutting a hole in the back of your neck, and wrapping them around your spine before climbing into a cavity it makes between your internal organs. Because that’s how it’s described in the books.

    The Flood are fucked up, man.

  2. The Flood showing up in HALO: CE was one of the biggest u-turns in gaming history.

    You spend hours learning the different alien races and how they work together, the tactics they use, how they adapt to you and the marines, learning to use the vehicles and various open-world terrains to your advantage, mastering each weapon… **Suddenly you’re in a claustrophobic tunnel system with only a flashlight and a shotgun while thousands of creepy parasite fuckers literally pour out of every crevice while you’re trying to run to higher ground.**

  3. Makes sense since The Master Chief is massive in his Spartan Armor, enough that he towers above his fellow soldiers everyone they’re shown together.

  4. I accidentally spoiled the Flood for myself and a bunch of other Software Etc/Babbages managers (now GameStops). We had a manager meeting in Seattle and Microsoft came by with an early Xbox and a beta copy of Halo for us to check out. Since it was a demo, you could select any level from the start screen to play. It was my turn and I innocently selected a level (which later was The Library level turns out) while the MS rep was talking to someone else. All of the sudden I’m playing and being attacked by these crazy monsters no one had seen before (at least we hadn’t) and the startled gasps and “WTF”s from everyone got the MS reps attention. He hit the power switch on the box as fast as he could and just kinda said “Uh… You’re not supposed to see that yet”. Oops. Ha. Still, the first time playing the 343 Guilty Spark level was intense, even with an idea of what was coming.

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