29 thoughts on “The game we need.”

  1. So the VR Rick & Morty game has a bootleg ripoff version of Roy that’s playable (think it’s called Troy or something) that’s basically made with cardboard cutouts.

  2. Wasnt the carpet store only a big thing in Morty’s playthrough? When Rick played he went off grid and never worked anywhere, and I never got the feeling that the carpet store was a big feature in every playthrough. I think it just happened to happen that way when Morty played.

  3. I dunno if there’s a right answer to this:

    When Morty plays Roy, is he living Roy’s entire life, but we just see a few highlights? I got that impression with the whole “where’s my wife” thing. That’s pretty rad

    Alternatively, does he feel like he’s only in there for a few minutes

  4. Spiral fracture whilst playing football for the school.

    From there, it was just a long, slow spiral into opioid abuse.

  5. After beating the cancer, I started living like a biker and found my ass in the desert all acid up. Can’t remember my death but now im playing Roy II.

    EDIT: Super cool case.

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