47 thoughts on “‘The kids emptied our bank account playing Fifa’”

  1. This reads like one of the old “video games cause violence” ~~news stories~~ agendas, but this time it’s a real issue imo.

  2. Why did the kids have full access to your bank account in the first place. It’s like saying guns are bad, cause your son took the gun you left on the dinner table and shot some-

    (-body with it)
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  3. Why anyone saves their banking/credit card information on a device their children regularly use is beyond me….

    Would you write blank checks to random people and be outraged when money *mysteriously* disappears from your account? Fucking stupid parents, hopefully they make amends to their parenting skills and use this as an opportunity to explain the concept of money/economics to them, ehh, who am I kidding? IT’S SOMEONES ELSES FAULT!

  4. Corrected Headline: Stupid Parents Allow Children Unsupervised Access to Credit Card Who Make Numerous Charges to Account.

  5. “They spent $550 and still did not get their favorite player”

    Why do people play this shit again?

  6. > “I just never thought [the children] would do it,” he said.

    Gambling in video games is ruining video games, but this is not why. This is simply a bad parent.

  7. As much as I would love to bag on EA…this is stupid checked-out parents not protecting their credit card info, and not informing their kids that they don’t buy shit with other people’s money, because it’s *stealing*.

    They’re lucky Nintendo is being cool with the refund or they’d be paying the idiot tax.

  8. Reminds me when you had to pay for internet based on time and kids (me included) would get in trouble for leaving a huge bill for our parents.

  9. Rather aloof parenting aside, a video game with a built-in glorified slot machine should not be rated E / PEGI 3 to begin with.

  10. >A new report issued by the organisation Internet Matters found that 26% of the 2,000 parents of four to 16-year-olds it spoke to were concerned about the amount of money their children were spending on in-game purchases.


  11. It’s simply too easy for kids to buy. At a young age all we know is “this = this” and the language is so obscured in these games that for someone not experienced with it. They really doesn’t know what they are doing so it’s hard to blame a kid for it. There needs to be legislation that boldly say’s that “$ = this”, not gems or gold stars or whatever that can be redeemed. Purely a money for a direct item even if that’s a loot box.

  12. FIFA just needs to become a subscription based game that is constantly updated to current rankings and player transfers. Then update it as players come and go.
    Though that would be the ethical way lol.

  13. Why do parents allow their children, with no full grasp or mental understanding on money, to have access to their credit cards like this? you get stories like this every day. stupid parents.

  14. The parents didn’t realise the outgoings until the card was declined for having no funds in it.

    How gormless do you have to be to not know there is hundreds of pounds being charged to your account?

  15. There are a lot of great arguments against lootboxes because of gambling.

    This is not one of those instances.

    I don’t see any difference between this and your kid dropping $500 on Amazon with your saved details.

  16. All this is just disgusting that not one coverning body has actually looked at the way EA practices consumer methods….example…one pack costs 125k in in game currency and if you quick sold every item you would get back 35k that’s literally the way they work across the board, its only a matter of time before this is stopped but they have gotten away with this for too long.

  17. I overheard some young guys in a bus some time ago, how one was having his ultimate team and “only” paying around 750€ at a whole, i wonder if he does it the next year again.

  18. Serves these dumb ass parents right for allowing their children access to their bank account and not monitor their spending.

  19. How is this not the parents fault? Linking your bank info to an account your kids have access to, is your fault. You can hate lootboxes all you want but they don’t force you to purchase them. This is neglectful parenting.

  20. Wait, is this why Microsoft sent me a TOS update that specifically said “if you continue to use our services you are liable for purchases your teenager makes” or something like that?



  21. There are so many ways to stop purchases from happening but people are not doing it. Yes, companies are to blame for this kind of bs micro stuff but at the same time parents need to know how to tech and make it hard for the child to purchase things.

  22. These gaming companies know that legislation is coming that will end this shit. That’s why they have been ramping it up lately; they want to make as much money as possible before it becomes illegal.

  23. This is why my kids have their own account with no linked debit/credit card. They share my XBL Gold and Nintendo Online account, but they don’t have access to any form of currency.

  24. So while this is definitely the parents being dumb, this is probably also the “nail in the coffin” that video game companies didn’t want to happen. A big news story about kids spending their parents money on loot boxes. Fifa no less, so now one of the most popular games in the world.

  25. No credit cards linked to kid’s devices and have yours password protected. I’m fairly confident my kids would do this to me.

  26. This sounds like the parents not wanting to take responsibility for being shit parents. What kind of moron parents don’t teach their children the importance and value of money, and leave payment details on something the kids have regular access to?

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