22 thoughts on “The level of detail in Forza is amazing”

  1. If the detail were truly amazing, this thing would be broken down on the roadside from either running out of fuel or running out of oil(b/c they leak).

  2. One thing that really took me by surprise is the layering of the multiple types of stuff that can stick to the car. For instance going through sand or dirt paths until it’s coated and then dipping through some water to add a damp mud layer that dries very realistically.

  3. WaiTB till the recall dlc comes out where sometimes your car is a lemon and its in the shop and you dont get to drive it all because the full dash LCD is broken somehow rending the engine useless

  4. Last night a dandelion floated past me when I was parked up. I have played it since release and never noticed that level of detail before

  5. Too bad the new Forzas are trying to be like NFS, and not an actual racing simulator. Fucking disgrace.

  6. These newer racing games look amazing but feel so fucking boring to play. I could maybe get into if I was a younger kid itching for my permit but something about them just feels too sim.

    I remember playing games like Ridge Racer and they were fun as hell. I tried getting into newer racing games since I was given a decent wheel setup and just found them to be completely un-fun and sluggish feeling.

  7. This is the one game that i wish i had on PS4. I need a good realistic racing game to casually play with friends. Gran Turismo imo isnt fun. And forza has hot wheels and lego dlcs that look amazing

  8. The first time i played Forza Horizon 3 it blew my mind how gorgeous it looked….also, it run decently on my PC with the FX 8350 and an r9 280x which are pretty old.

    When i played Forza Horizon 4 i didn’t think they could top FH3’s graphics and holy crap what a beautiful game that is.

    They should make a Forza game on an urban environment, a lá NFS Underground 2 (That Underground Racing League) or a lá Midnight Club or even Tokyo Xtreme Racing.

  9. That’s a G-Wagen. Does it accurately render the coked-out “social media influencer” on her way to a botox party behind the wheel, too?

  10. Talk about detail, i just filed my first insurance claim after a rock cracked my windshield! $1200 for a windshield!!!!!! WHY!!!!

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