5 thoughts on “The making of Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth”

  1. This game blew my mind back in the day, one of the very few games i’ve enjoyed that much. Also it’s only buggy on new machines, i didn’t have bugs back then.

  2. The moment when the townspeople turn on you and you have to flee from the hotel was one of the most stressful gaming experiences that I had up until then.
    Figuring out where to go, bolting doors, pushing shelves, listening to those crazy people… It was awesome.

  3. I put the game on hold once the combat starts at around 1/3 in — I would likely otherwise have push forward, but the clear Xbox-limitation of immediately disappearing bodies was extremely grating in an otherwise so immersive world.

  4. Can’t watch the video atm, but this game was in development for ages.
    I recall going to an e3 a few years before it launched, and it was already a year since there was any info, and I asked at the published booth where it was. They gave me a business card of someone to contact but I never did as I was not technically really press 🙂

    I recall reading articles about it and all the research they did about what scares people.

    It was a little clunky and the graphics (that were amazing when it was first shown) were a little rough by the time it released, but I still enjoyed it and was a landmark in getting a certain feel right. The hotel sequence was legendary.

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