46 thoughts on “The power of the Gameboy. Me and random kids at a wedding in 2005”

  1. why the heck did your momma still use black & white camera in 2005? this looks like its from the 1980s 😂 😂

  2. Little man #2’s shoe game is on point.

    He’s probably just resting for a minute before continuing to cut a fucking rug.

  3. This is something that can happen in 2019 with the Switch.

    That’s what I love about Nintendo they are the best at getting people together to play.

    *But they fucking suck at implementing modern features to their systems.

  4. The kid in the middle looks exactly like what I did when I was kid… I just had a mini freak out thinking it was actually me

  5. This is when you being your epic quest to hunt down these random kids, and on your wedding day, invite them to play on their <modern day equivalent of Gameboy> (current day equivalent of Nintendo Switch). Bonus points if the fourth kid shows up in sandals as well.

  6. SP? When I was that age I had the big ass brick original game boy. A little bit after, I got the gameboy ice.

  7. lol i’m officially old — saw the picture and thought i’d be seeing original gameboys like mine but alas they’re playing fucking gameboy SPs

  8. Kid A: “Hey, can I play?”
    Me: “Sure. Just don’t-”
    **deletes Pokemon Save Data**
    Me: “It’s about to turn into WWF up in this wedding…”

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