30 thoughts on “The PS4 food heater function works great !”

  1. I have my PS4 on two pieces of scrap 4x4s to keep it elevated. It allows air flow underneath the machine. It still heats up a lot but I think the cooling fan kicks in less often now.

  2. Clean it out, swap the fans, replace the thermal paste. Plenty of resources online to help. My PS4 runs like new since.

  3. I thought it was a baggie of something else. Something you put in a pipe and smoke if that’s your kind of thing. You know. But instead it’s just bread, French bread. Not the pizza but a type of French bread…I think. Damn.

  4. I, too, have been cursed with a launch PS4. I swear mine ran Red Dead at like, 15 fps sometimes. Couldnt play it tbh

  5. On the pro i made an hole up the fan with a dust filter and changed a thermal paste, now it’s really more fresh and noiseless

  6. X1 is much “better” for this. I woked in QA had both running non-stop at my desk..X1 could cook you a steak after 6,7 hours of torture tests 😀 a lot of us heated our sandwiches on them, which came cold from the vending machines.

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