16 thoughts on “The real reason they’re bringing back Modern Warfare”

  1. It’s 3.24pm on a sunny Friday afternoon. You just got home from school. You haven’t even gotten out of your uniform, and you dumped your bag onto the living room couch. You turn on your PS3, its high pitched beep signifying another great weekend of gaming. You grab onto the controller, and run to the kitchen to grab the bottle of ice cold Coke as the console boots up. You practically jump onto the couch, excited to frag some noobs and finally get the Autumn camo on your ACR. You take a swig of your drink. You get an invite from xXx_BiA_ScoTT_xXx. You accept, and send him a PSN message. You don’t even fill in the message box, just the subject field. “Tdm 4 warmup”.

    The party leader matchmakes, and you get into a game instantly. You join one underway. TDM on Skidrow. You watch that yellow progress bar grow while you idly observe the green city environment image.

    You’re in the game. You select your class, eager to get into it. But wait… something’s wrong. You have a heartbeat sensor? You thought you use extended mags but…

    The screen is blank. But something is fading in… you seem to be on a horse carriage…


    You wake up in cold sweat. It’s 5.56 on Monday. You have to get up to get ready for work in 4 minutes. Another weekend, gone. Your birthday celebration was miserable. She wasn’t even there to celebrate it with you. You sigh as you get up, but notice someone in your bed. Confused, stunned, you sat up in shock. The person says one thing.

    “Buy Skyrim.”

  2. Hey you, your finally awake

    You were caught in that imperial ambush right? Same as us, and that thief over there

    Damn you Stormcloaks, Skyrim was fine until you came along, Empire was nice and lazy

    If it wasn’t for you, I could have stolen that horse and made it halfway to Hammerfell

  3. I wanna see a feed of myself broadcast to the attachment at random and have some crazy fuck stalking me as I do the campaign and it’s either kill him before he gets you or start over

  4. I am still mortified that a game that was remade less than 3 years ago is being *rebooted*. What the hell is even happening in 2019.

  5. Oh Call of Duty..what have you become?

    I remember the pre-release demo of CoD 1 on PC. I knew right away it would be huge, it was incredible! Aside from Medal of Honor, not many games had captured the events of WW2 on that level. My Dad and I played in league tournaments. Our clan had a dedicated server and a team-speak channel; good times. CoD 1 stood among Quake III Arena and CS 1.6 as one of the most competitive action games at that time. Back then, if you used anything but the bolt action rifles in a competitive match, you were seen as a noob much like using the auto sniper in CS. It was some kind of weird honor thing to use one shot kill bolt action rifles without scopes. I remember this one match on a small TDM map I went 80 something kills and under 10 deaths using the KAR-98k. Hahah, good stuff. Let’s hope this CoD is not another copy paste job, eh fellas?

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