15 thoughts on “The Rise and Fall of F.E.A.R.”

  1. The original F.E.A.R (and the expansions (Perseus Mandate & Extraction Point) is amongst the best games I’ve played to date. The horror elements were great, the shooting mechanics were a lot of fun and some of the physics was really ahead of its time. It’s a shame it got turned into a run of the mill FPS with little to no atmosphere.

  2. I call it a series in reverse. The games got progressively worse. Many games still have lazy AI and physics. If the first game was faithfully redone with today’s tech it would be glorious. You can often find the franchise pack on sale at fanatical for 5 bucks. Great value for the money.

  3. 1 is obviously the good one, but I think 3 was significantly better than 2 despite being kinda mediocre. 2 is tonally a complete mess and the gameplay suffers from consolization just as much as 3.


    The only legitly good part about 2 was the school and even that went full retard in the end with secret elevator to chrome metal and coloured neon lights decorated underground hi-tech lab.

  4. Here’s the thing about Monolith. Not only do they share Valve’s inability to count to 3 (FEAR 3 wasn’t by them), but they also are completely unable to do sequels. With only one exception, in their entire history, they get the game right first time – and then completely screw up the sequel and move on to a new game idea.

    Blood, FEAR, Condemned, Middle-Earth – all had AMAZING first games and TERRIBLE sequels that largely missed the point of the first game. Only No One Lives Forever escaped the curse, and that’s only because NOLF1 and NOLF2 are pretty different games.

  5. The best memory I have from FEAR is the second game, the school. Despite being a weaker title overall, the atmosphere in that level blew my fucking mind.

  6. Didn’t Mandalore or somebody make basically this same exact video? I’m getting major deja vu but I also like this style and will be subbing

  7. For those who don’t know, please play a game called “condemned criminal origins”, it has the same engine (i think).

  8. GVMERS and NerdSlayer are my two favorite youtube channels that do research on “Rise and Falls”. Great video.

  9. I just finished the first one this week, and I’m starting Extraction Point. It’s a really good shooter. The AI is sharp as hell and the level design is boss. I will say that it falls short of being remarkable because a lot of the game is pretty samey. There are legitimately 3 or 4 enemy types *the whole game*. You mostly blast swat soldiers and the occasional heavy, that’s kind of it. So I can get why it never took off.

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