30 thoughts on “The Shiny We Deserve”

  1. That would be a cool nod. I remember in Link’s Awakening, there were a bunch of Mario references, and even characters, so it’s not totally unprecedented.

  2. This is perfection. If this pokemon evolves, I hope it becomes bipedal. As an alternative, can I suggest Dry Bowser?

  3. I was in third grade when Pokemon first came out and have been playing the games, watching the shows ever since and to this day have yet to see a single shiny. Not even in Pokémon GO.

  4. If shines were like this, I would work a lot harder to get them / be more interested in them

    I don’t really want to spend hours and hours to hunt for a Pikachu that’s a slightly different shade of yellow

  5. Question. If I haven’t played Pokémon since Blue/Red/Yellow, will I understand how to play the new Pokémon?

  6. Looks like Bowser decided to go on all fours and removed his back spikes

    Shouldn’t Ninteno be suing

    Oh wait…

  7. Dude now you’ve gone and made me hate this thing because we all know that will be the farthest thing from the actual shiny we will get… It will literally be the same sprite with a slightly pinker hue to it.

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