The Switch Lite has been confirmed - $200 but doesn't have motion control, rumble and is handheld only. Comes in yellow and turquoise.

The Switch Lite has been confirmed – $200 but doesn’t have motion control, rumble and is handheld only. Comes in yellow and turquoise.

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48 thoughts on “The Switch Lite has been confirmed – $200 but doesn’t have motion control, rumble and is handheld only. Comes in yellow and turquoise.”

  1. Nintendo: “Let’s just remove features!”

    Other people: “Where are our AAA games that arent 468p 15 fps?”

  2. They’re pretty vague, but I think it only removes the “IR Motion Camera”. I’m sure the actual gyroscopic motion would still be in there, like the 3DS or Pro Controller.

  3. For somebody like me who already has PS4 and Xbox One as my “consoles” this seems pretty neat. Ive been on the fence for ages about buying a switch for the portability, but I cant justify / the missus will kill me if I spent £300+ on another console. Will probably pick one of these up.

  4. This sounds perfect to me, already own a PS4 and xb1 so the switch was never going to be used on my tv anyway, but I couldn’t justify paying almost £300 on a console that wasn’t going to be my main gaming device and was only going to be played handheld, in the uk I wonder if they’re going to translate the price accordingly to around £160 or just copy it to £200 but either way I don’t mind paying those prices as they seem perfectly reasonable for the type of use I’d get out of it.

  5. “We want to make sure the new 150% as expensive Pokémon and handheld Mario games are selling in time for the holidays”

    – Nintendo probably

    Edit: They even have the new Pokémon game in the advertisement. lol

    Edit 2: There was a sword and shield edition announced. They are not even trying to hide it at this point lmao. They’re not even including the games #smh

  6. I’ll just wait for the old switch to drop in price and for a reliable jailbreak method. Probuably going to wait a few years but okay.

  7. YES! I was really hoping it wasn’t a super powered switch that I was gonna make my old switch feel like hot shite with new games

  8. I’m not sure about the motion part. Several sites say it does have it. Other’s say it does not or just doesn’t mention it.

  9. Honestly thought they should’ve gone for $175 maybe $150 but still not bad. This will be good for those that can’t afford the price tag of an original switch or just don’t care to play on their tv.

  10. I never had any interest in the docking or other features so this is great to me, the price cut is really nice too, I’m not interested in Nintendo home consoles only their handhelds this is basically a Vita successor now which is pretty cool.

  11. I’m just glad it’s not a switch pro, I mean for some that would be great and they’d love to buy it, but I already bought a switch, had it stolen and then bought another, I wouldn’t want to pay more for an upgraded model

  12. Handheld only. Not to be held with feet, elbows, armpits, under the chin, balanced on top of the head, balanced on forearms, pierced into earlobe, no artificial integration such as bluetooth or wifi link to a human brain. You hold it, with your hands, you play it, and that’s it, no breaks, no sleeps, just play. Game on!

  13. While late to the party and potentially receiving downvotes to oblivion: I think this is perfect. I have three children, two of them who are old enough to start playing video games. I was not going to go out and buy two Switches for Christmas for them. I will, however, strongly consider buying two of these for them.

    Everyone needs to calm down. This most likely isn’t marketed to you at all.

  14. Oddly enough, I mainly play my Switch without rumble, in handheld with both joy-cons attached, and without motion control (can’t stand it personally) so I can actually see how this would sell. At least to me.

  15. I’m keen on that, the Switch is way too pricey in NZ (around $500-$600) for me to buy as a novelty, if this was cheaper it’s be an instant buy

  16. Kinda cool, I wish Nintendo would just have a year dedicated to making the switch more user friendly and intuitive, and give us some more apps, like Netflix, a web browser, and a few more media apps other than Hulu and YouTube.

  17. Iv been waiting for this for a while now, its perfect for me. They’ve thrown out all the garbage I dont need, like the camera, rumble and the dock thing (yeah I dont need that) and made, what I presume will be, an awesome handheld! I wont be picking up one at launch though. I dont want the first gen of these, the colors dont appeal to me and oh yeah, I have a new baby on the way in September so kinda pointless getting a new console! Il wait for the price drop/game bundle/Game Boy color scheme edition. Very exciting to see this though!

  18. I really like the look of that yellow one. Too bad I really don’t have a purpose for it as I am one of the minority that uses is extensively in both modes.

  19. Literally almost everything in this headline is wrong.

    – Has motion
    – Has rumble
    – Comes in three colors

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