26 thoughts on “The ultimate game”

  1. This reminds me, in my town (s.america) we get a lot of these, one day I stumbled upon the wonderfully named ‘organ of infinite pleasure’ – it was a small keyboard for children.

    What was funny to me is that in Spanish that’s a proper innuendo.

  2. The decision to render “Pimp my Ride” in the Back to the Future font would require a lot of explanation all on its own. In this context, it’s beyond any human understanding.

  3. *sucks in breath through teeth*

    * Playstation 5
    * Robocop
    * Jackie Chan
    * Pimp my Ride
    * Back to the Future (font of Pimp my Ride)
    * Naruto
    * Iron Man
    * Pickachu
    * Shigeru Miyamoto
    * Fortnite (specifically a non-existent fortnite 2 demo)
    * Sonic Adventures 2 (logo used for Fortnite 2 demo)
    * Despacito

    I feel like the purple background is also probably some kind of reference but it’s not anything recognizable to me

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