32 thoughts on “There is currently over 600,000 players on Black Ops 1 for Xbox…”

  1. Ever since the old cods went backwards comptabile I stopped buying the new cods. I just wish world at war wasn’t filled with hackers

  2. I’d have probably saved 40K over the last 25 years if a single game did it for me like this.

    It’s like when you hear about that guy who has just been walking to the edge of the world in Minecraft for 7-8 years (or whatever). On one level, I feel like the guy is crazy but on another I’m kind of envious.

  3. It’s a glitch and has already been proven. It’s doing the same on Playstaion which has no backwards compatibility

  4. In my region on ps3 there’s so much less which makes it hard to find games. I play it every day but can only do TeamDeath Match

  5. People are still playing Bad Company 2 on the PS3 as well…or at least they were about a month ago when I logged in. Fantastic multiplayer.

  6. Back in the Xbox 360 days it was common to see both Halo 3 and COD 4 over 1mil people online during the weekends.

  7. I really miss games having this feature. Sure its unnecessary but I liked seeing how many players where online when I booted it up. Especially when you get the game on midnight release.

  8. Glitched. Not real. You can test it by simply just playing the game. Go try to find a Search lobby and lmk how it goes.

  9. If I remember correctly, these sorts of counters count everybody who owns the game and is currently online on their console, not necessarily playing the game. That, or it’s just bugged, who knows.

  10. fake news. i played a lot of black ops and modern warfare on my ps3 and the average quantity of players is 3000-5000, maybe in a good sunday it can reach 10000 for a few hours but nothing more

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