6 thoughts on “There’s a Doom Eternal mural going up on the Hotel Figueroa and it looks dope as hell”

  1. SO HYPED. Ive been playing a lot more lately to get in gear. I am ready. Nightmare mode rush and then on to Ultra Nightmare which ill admit I have not finished. Its probably one of the most insane challenges ive ever attempted in a game. There is impossible and then there is Ultra Nightmare. BRING IT ON BETHESDA

  2. only game i look forward to this year i think. New star wars game aswell. Cause its starwars. But hype is heavily thwarted by it being from EA, but then again, its made by Respawn, which made one hell of a singleplayer in titanfall 2. so conflicted. But i guess cautious optimism is the way to go here

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