37 thoughts on “these were the good old days.”

  1. After 10 years I still play both counter strike and CS source. As well as both Day of Defeat and DOD source! Cause I am ThatStonedGotMeHit!

  2. This one hit me pretty hard. So many good memories reading PCGamer, playing every side quest I could find in Morrowind. Rolling through NR-20 matches for StarCraft on Battle.net. AIM always in the background keeping my limited social life alive. Dreaming about half life 2 coming out. Sigh… good times.

  3. Shit was expensive at the time. I remember some very good games at the time but I also remember going to the store and having to choose between 5 different games I wanted and wondering if I made the right choice (thankfully I usually did, yes you Warzone 2100)

  4. When games came into true boxes with books and stuff unlike today collectors editions with steelcases without the game

  5. Good ‘ol repost from yesterday, and the day before, and… meh… just stop farming karma kids. Go outside and find yourself something worth your time and energy.

  6. The circa 2003 gamer in this picture appears to be a fan of retro games like Zak McKracken and Space Quest III(both 1989).

    …and Maniac Mansion (1987).

  7. The observant amongst us will have noticed that the monitor is showing an M4 from Source, on 1.6 dust2. Mistakes have been made. Still, nostalgia af.

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