19 thoughts on “This anti-smoking ad”

  1. Don’t get me wrong this is a cool ad idea. But I cannot stress enough how much seeing an “anti-tobaccoo” ad makes me want to smoke. I’m not alone in this, everyone I know who smokes gets the same way when they see them. They do not work. It’s pretty much equivalent to telling yourself to stop yawning every once in a while (even when you’re not yawning.) All this is gonna do is make you yawn more.

  2. I’m getting really tired of these anti-smoking ads considering that I don’t smoke and they get more and more grotesque by the day.

  3. I’ve probably smoked a total of two or three cigarettes across bumming hits off friends. I have no idea how using multiple daily could feel good. They just hurt my throat in a certain way that no form of marijuana does. It’s uncomfortable.

    I’ll puff on a nice vape mod all day though

  4. Rookie move. You have to aim for the sides to bounce up top so you can get much more lung from one hit.

  5. I fucking hate these ads, they’re gross and annoying. Now let me say I have absolutely no problem with smokers, as long as they are respectful of the people around them. For example my grandmother will always go outside and blow away from anyone who decides to chat while she does. These ads though, are repetitive, annoying, sometimes grotesque, and almost always unskippable. The dumbest thing I see them say is “one Juul pod contains as much nicotine as 20 cigarettes”. This is true, but what they seem to intentionally omit, is that a Juul pod is supposed to be a replacement for a pack of cigarettes, they use it in a way that tries to hide that fact. Which is funny because they call themselves “truth”. Just so you know, omitting important information on purpose is basically the same as lying. I have never smoked, and I likely never will, but I can say that these dumb ass ads have done NOTHING to make that statement true.

  6. I honestly doubt there is anyone who doesn’t know that smoking is harmful to you, so I don’t see the point in these ads.

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