46 thoughts on “This Game Actually Has A Warning For Microtransactions On The Back”

  1. So when your minor kid that you bought this for gets your credit card and goes full Leroy on the MTs, you can’t get a refund.

  2. What a nice little cartoonishly drawn picture. Really represents just how bad this game has been unbalanced just to ram the boosters, economy and pay to win mechanics down your throat. Maybe the symbol should be a fist up the rectum.

  3. Would be nice if this was law and if the game was incorrectly labeled the publisher would receive a fine. If microtransactions are added post-launch, copies must be removed from the stores and relabeled.

  4. Yeah the ESRB and ESA agreed to put a microtransaction warning on games. However… cuz they’re sneaky greasey fucks, they put it on literally everything period, from games with cosmetic only skins, to games with legit DLC, to games with season passes, monthly service fees, and lootboxes. Basically they lump the “ok” microtransactions in with the “garbage never ok scummy” microtransactions so the warning is basically meaningless, or not as helpful as it should be at the very least.

  5. I’m Canadian but I have seen this on every game I have bought (that include microtransactions) for years, it feels like.

    Is this new to your country?

  6. I hate the expression “micro transactions” we should call them what they are: purchases. They’re in game purchases using real money to buy virtual things in a game

  7. Uhh what type of microtransactions are there? Lmao why can’t you just unlock it via challenges or something skip

  8. Most games add the micro transactions a little bit after launch, so the first few rounds of boxes don’t have to have the micro transactions warning on them. Breakpoint seems to have been designed from the ground up as a micro transaction store with a bit of a game tied to it, so they had to include the warning on their first boxes.

  9. there’s a lot of hate on microtransactions right now, but I have a feeling that I won’t even notice them when I start playing tonight

  10. I read that they had a lot of trouble on the design on the label. it was down to the credit card pic, a pic of a cow’s teat being milked and a fist about to enter and anus. I’m not sure if they made the right choice.

  11. Microtransactions to get shortcuts that effect gameplay are bullshit. But, especially if it’s not a AAA developer, selling things like cosmetics does often help breath life into a game. I’m not talking about holding back cosmetics at release to make a quick buck. If a developer wants to keep making skins and people want to buy them, it only serves to fund future updates. No one gets hurt at all.

  12. There needs to be a separate “gambling” logo. The issue is only partially micro transaction. There’s a big difference between paying to download DLC or a campaign compared to paying over and over again to get something in game that has 1/1000000 odds. The logo needs to differentiate that

  13. Pre-ordered the game via Amazon Prime cause we get a discount and it’ll be delivered today.

    Start reading reviews and the shitty single player always online and the enevitable day one server crashes as well as the microtransactions.

    Cancelled the order before Amazon delivered it.

    Fuck you UbiSoft.

  14. Most games with microtransactions, at least in the UK as far as I know, are made to have this warning now apparently.

  15. I think EA and Ubisoft should put that icon as the box art, and on the back in its place the icon of the game that comes with the micro transactions.

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