33 thoughts on “This has been my favorite generation of console gaming. Looking forward to what the future holds.”

  1. I’m 28, so I’ve seen every generation of console gaming from the days when we were stuck with NES and our parents wouldn’t upgrade us to a SNES.

    Once I grew up, it was always my silly childhood “dream” to own the big three consoles. This is the first generation I was able to do it, and I’m so happy there are so many remasters and remakes and new and interesting titles all the same. It’s been a hell of a generation.

  2. I think for most people, their favorite generation would probably be whatever was available during their teenage years, since that will end up generating the most nostalgia. That’s cool that you were able to like consoles more in your late 20’s.

  3. This made me retrospective about all the consoles I’ve owned. SNES holds a dear space in my heart, PS1 now seems unbearable (so so games, dirty graphics, scratched discs from the rental shop). I agree, in terms of reaching a pinnacle of what games actually could be this has been a great generation.

  4. There has been a great many incredible games this generation. I have been playing since the Atari 2600 era, and own just about everything but I am inclined to agree with you.

    I may have had just as much fun back in the days, but this one is indeed a great one. Although I kinda miss the abundance of AA titles from the previous generation (like Singularity and the like) I have more than enough great titles to play with.

    Nice to see that you are enjoying yourself!

  5. Which xbox exclusives make it worth getting it when you already have a PS4?

    Edit: Come on guys, I didn’t want to sound con xbox or anything.

  6. Idk man ever since halo died and micro transactions took over gaming it’s never been the same for me. Xbox 360 will always be my favorite even if I only got to play it in its later years. I’ll never forget the countless nights of halo custom games. I’d have to say my personal favorite time in gaming was 2008-2012. Maybe that’s just my nostalgia though.

  7. How does your switch hold up? I’m really considering buying one and I’ve checked out the list of ports on the console that look amazing. I just can’t convince myself to buy it, unless I just say fuck it and buy one lol.

  8. This was a interesting generation for console gaming, I moved over to PC but, looking forward to the next PlayStation or Switch.

    My play time:

    1. PS4, upgraded to the Pro when it came out, best game for me Horizon zero dawn.
    2. Switch, breath of the wild
    3. Xbox One, upgraded to the X, it’s been used as a 4K blu-ray player, can’t think of a game that made me want to play it, maybe titan fall 1?

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