27 thoughts on “This is a 15 year-old game.”

  1. I remember that my friends and I would run the “test graphics” demo over and over to see which of our machines would perform the best. None of us could run it on the highest settings though.

  2. Scenery is decent. But the people. Man the people look sooooooo much better now. I like how Portal stuck to robots and scenery because man, that engine is getting dated.

  3. HL2 was legit a “holy shit” game for me. I bought a new rig just to play it and I was not disappointed.

    Just like Mario 64, the original Doom, The Legend of Zelda, Starcraft – like these games HL2 raised my standards for others so much because it did everything so well.

    It holds up nicely too.

    I’m getting old now, and I’d pay whatever it takes to get that HL2 first playthrough feeling again.

  4. This isn’t really fair because source games still get engine updates, the game did not look exactly like this 15years ago.

  5. Sometimes I miss my gaming naivete.

    I remember buying the Orange Box because it got so many good reviews and I was bored.

    After finishing HL2 and literally saying to myself “Holy shit, that was AMAZING!” I thought I’d try this mini game, Portal. Probably crappy filler. I was wrong.

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