25 thoughts on “This is how i want to travel from now on [DOOM]”

  1. UAC: babe, come over.

    Doom guy: can’t, got demons to kill

    UAC: There’s even more demons over here.

    Doom guy:

  2. I imagine the scenario meeting. “We have to find a way to make DOOM Guy even more badass. Suggestions?”

  3. *Gets shot out of a massive BFG at the speed of sound*

    *Hits solid concrete wall*

    *Completely unscathed*

    Could someone remind me who this “Master Chief” is again, and why he’s so badass?

  4. Did the Doom Slayer just fire *himself* out of the BFG Cannon?………coz I’m pretty sure that bad motherfucker just fired himself out of the BFG Cannon…….

    Every other FPS protagonist ever: well….*shit*….

  5. That’s really cool…

    I still don’t like the design of the new armor though. The armor for Doom 2016 was perfect.

  6. That far into the future and that gun had no safety mechanisms to ensure you couldn’t fire people out of it.

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