33 thoughts on “This is why Dragonite is the best Pokemon”

  1. What it doesn’t tell you is that sometimes dragonite has no one to rescue so it drops people in the middle of the ocean and then comes back to rescue them only after they’ve been reported missing

  2. I read that as “It is said that this Pokemon constantly flies over the immense seas and drowns people.”

    And naturally thought “Wow, Dragonite is kind of a dick.”

  3. What they dont tell you is how many of those “rescued” never make it to dry land. Dragonite eats well.

  4. And if you are the champion of the Elite 4, you can force it to evolve early & learn moves it shouldn’t know 👌

  5. *child catches Dragonite*

    Child: Mom! Dad! I caught a…

    Mom: not now, a local fisherman has crashed his boat. We are watching the news to see if the dragonite will save him.

    Dad turning to the mom: it’s usually here by now.

    *child slowly backs out of the room*

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