46 thoughts on “This vault boy bottle cap mural I made for my friend’s birthday”

  1. *Compulsively takes bottlecaps off your nice portrait and uses them for hoarded StimPaks that I already have 100 of, sorry.*

  2. That’s pretty rad, you’re a good friend. The type of friend who would carry a bunch of materials across an irradiated wasteland so your friend could build an extension on his roadside shack.

  3. All my friend got me was a black box with ink all over it so it turned my hands black and inside was a baseball signed by babe ruth aka my friend. You are a better friend

  4. Oh god i’m normaly so nice but, it’s creepy and i hate it.

    I love it, but i hate it…
    I don’t know.

  5. The longer you look at it the more terrifying it gets. Creative! But no attempts at continuity the actual drawing.

    Edit: Especially around the mouth and hand. Damn, that’s unnerving

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