25 thoughts on “Those who have adopted the Epic Games Store and launcher, how has the experience been so far?”

  1. I played Fortnite once didn’t like it uninstalled. Didn’t buy anything them and don’t constantly make new threads about how they’re ruining pc gaming.

  2. I just played Observation yesterday and never even thought about the launcher. That’s a decent plus in my book.

  3. Well, I grab the free games and I haven’t had issues running them.

    I bought one game (Observation) since they offered an extra £10 off meaning it was available for £7.99 a week after launch. As far as I know, that’s a strict exclusive and I really wanted a sci-fi game.

    I don’t anticipate buying anything else though. I can wait when it comes down to timed exclusives, which I will probably pick up on Steam or GoG if I want them, but I won’t turn down the free games tbh.

    Having said that… My experience with Observation highlights some issues with Epic. For example, there’s no discussion forum, so I couldn’t find anywhere to discuss the plot post-game. There doesn’t seem to be a subreddit, and the title of the game is a very common word so google searches for it can be difficult to turn things up.

    Even niche trophy hunting sites don’t even seem to bother with the game. So, the dev/publisher’s decision to go hunting for ‘new audiences’ on Epic… well, I don’t think it went well. I think they’d do better off on Steam tbh, where the forum would have encouraged discussion etc, because the plot is pretty out there and interesting for sci-fi fans. I also think the advertising would have helped, and I don’t know if it would be on sale for £7 on Steam this quickly?

    Anyway, as I said though, I don’t think I’ll buy anything further on there, I have no reason to and I think the Observation game was like, a perfect storm of factors that I could take a risk on, that I don’t think will happen again in the future – as in, I don’t think Epic are going to cover a good game’s price down that low, that quick after release again in the future. But stranger shit has happened…

  4. They intentionally made it extremely difficult to delete your account by requiring that users submit a support ticket. It took 2 days of back and fourth responses to cancel my account.

  5. I didn’t really adopt it, but I have picked up a few games and played some free ones on it. Bought Hades. It’s fine. It launches games and you can buy them. Does the two things I need it to.

  6. It’s… okay, I guess? I mean, getting a $5-15 game every 2 weeks is pretty good. I’m getting to play some games that I wouldn’t really want to spend money on (such as Subnautica or The Witness).

  7. Almost no problems so far, the only problem that I got was with linking uplay account with epic account, so I could not try Division 2 when it got free “trial” some time ago.

  8. It is working great for my needs. I only ever open up the Epic client to buy and download games, or to see if there are any updates to the games I am playing. Otherwise EGS client is not even running most of the time when I am playing my games from EGS.

    The download speeds have always maxed out my 300Mbit/sec internet line.

    I had no negative experiences with EGS at all.

  9. I’ve owned Fortnite Save The World since it first realeased so had it a while but recently I bought Hades and Shakedown Hawaii super cheap, some friends and I played Dauntless since it switched to EGS, had no issues so far, and the downloads are definitely quicker than other store (looking at you Bnet)

  10. Bought Metro Last Light Redux and have a couple of free games. Had no problems so far. I don’t care which launchwr it is as long as my game works why should I give a shit lol.

  11. Lmao at all the downvotes on completely neutral comments. “If you’re not with us you’re against us!” The thought process of totally not crazy people.

  12. I bought some games (and installed some free ones), months ago, for kids. They never played them 🙁

    I used to play StW on a daily basis for over a year (thus, had launcher/store open pretty much 24/7), but gave up 3 months ago.

    I do still update it, though, which provides a lot of entertainment in the house.

    Just yesterday, I was updating it around 6PM, when both kids and wife wanted to use our shitty Internet.

    Guess which piece of garbage was taking all the available bandwidth, making life miserable for everyone…

    I know, I know, I should have started the update when everyone goes to bed.

    2019, year where I need to use the Internet like it is 1999 again.

  13. I’ve tried some Fortnite since last year and It’s on the computer ever since. I grab the free games every now and then, also bought Detroit Become Human because of the insane discount. Encountered no problems so far.

  14. Along with the freebies, I broke down and bought Metro Exodus and Hades during the sale.

    The one good thing I can say about my purchases is that they run very well, but that’s expected.

    On the flip side the Epic Store feels every bit the useless, bare bones store with nothing to offer the user. Many times on Steam, I’ll look at what others are saying or videos they’re posting, of games that interest me. I was reading up on Soldier of Fortune games on the SoF GoG forum. There’s no such thing on Epic. I’m interested in Ashen, and Youtube reviews have been strong. But what are the players saying? I like taking in as much info as possible, and Epic fails big time. I’m supposed to go to an outside source, that may or may not provide me with what I need. I shouldn’t have to do this.

    There’s also nothing in the way of guides for mods. Well, there’s nothing at all really, which brings me to the question of why do I or anyone else need the Epic Store? I click on a desktop icon and away I go. There’s literally zero interaction between the game I own and the store. No connection at all.

    So when people say “it’s just another launcher”, they’re right. Merely being a launcher is an insult in my book, because the great launchers are so much more than that. They’re risen above just being a launcher. But yeah, Epic is just another launcher, no different than Bethesda’s launcher. Completely worthless, and with no sincere effort being made to improve.

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