11 thoughts on “THQNordic will reveal 3 new games in the next 3 days (June 5th,6th, and 7th)”

  1. For TimeSplitters and Saints Row please ask Deep Silver not THQ Nordic. I’ve seen a lot of tweets about it and people don’t know that they are 2(THQ Nordic and Deep Silver) companies under the umbrella of 1(THQ Nordic GROUP). I think the games are ->

    Destroy All Humans.


    Red Faction.

  2. Is THQ just a front for some kind of crime syndicate?

    How are they purchasing all of these studios?

    How do they have like 20 games in development?

    Either way, I welcome more middle-market type games.

  3. I just want confirmation that Desperados 3 won’t go Epic Exclusive. I’d be thrilled to see Timesplitters and Red Faction come back though.

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