I of course still want to try to win but I’m of course not the greatest in the worlds. So if I make a mistake or there’s that good ol’ lag. But I’m still trying to have fun, so if I get too worked up it kinda ruins the mood.
Edit: and then there’s the whole fiasco of “people”
They are just awful in every way possible. But it is pretty great to find people who are nixe6

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6 thoughts on “Tips for a more casual-not getting upset mindset?”

  1. Just keep the mindset of “ya win some ya lose some” everyone has their terrible games and their amazing games… unfortunately the game is just more toxic than previous releases right now it will get better

  2. You gotta learn to see mistakes as opportunitiesvto improve. In case of lag and whatnot you can’t win em all and if it’s out of your hands it’s out of your hands

  3. Take short breaks between matches. Shorter if you win, but make them slightly longer if you lose. (5-10) minutes. Get something to drink, use the toilet, make a snack, or even just get up and stretch. It gives you time to decompress so that you don’t get as worked up. Also remember that other players are usually people too. This will sound dumb, but practice smiling while playing and/or chatting. You would be amazed at how much it can change the experience. These are what I used to change my gaming attitude. Now only tell people to uninstall maybe 3 times per year instead of per day.

  4. Just remember that shit happens, and sometimes someone is just better than you. Try to learn from what they’re doing. And if you find yourself getting mad switch to a different game or take a break in the real world.

  5. You learn and improve more when you lose and reflect on it (watch replays, analyse deaths, bad plays etc.)

    If you’re on a losing streak, you’re the common denominator.

  6. Online shooter? I turn on music and get into the mood. Don’t focus on the score, just listen to the music.

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