Todd Howard admits that the team knew Fallout 76 was "not a high Metacritic game" at launch, but it's about "what the game becomes"

Todd Howard admits that the team knew Fallout 76 was “not a high Metacritic game” at launch, but it’s about “what the game becomes”

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33 thoughts on “Todd Howard admits that the team knew Fallout 76 was “not a high Metacritic game” at launch, but it’s about “what the game becomes””

  1. And what the game becomes is.. a hugh pile of shit powered by greedness.

    Every week there was something else pooping with this game, from stealing your money in it to the rum bottles scam and the jacket scam and banning people for nothing.

  2. Todd you are living in the clouds. It sucked, don’t sugarcoat it. You’re not a nerd, dork, geek, whatever, you’re just another soulless sellout like so many successes in the tech industry, you forgot who you were, you forgot who you made games for. Sit down and play one of your games once in a while, you will see.

  3. Todd is trying to allay trepidation about their next releases, ES6 and Starfield, which are using the same broken dogshit engine that Fallout 76 failed so badly with.

    Because Rage 2 fell pretty flat, with good gameplay from a technical perspective but dramatically lacking in content and replayability. Which means Bethsoft now lives or dies on their next release.

  4. It’s not supposed to *become* anything. It’s supposed to be something the moment we give you our money. Just fuck off, Todd.

  5. >”not a high Metacritic game”

    What a fancy indirection there. “We knew that other people would say they thought it sucked” is a roundabout way of admitting “We knew it sucked”.

  6. That quote is a word-for-word justification for this modern trend of releasing games unfinished from the beginning.

  7. Remember when Bethesda refused to pay Obsidian its New Vegas bonus because they missed their metacritic target by like 3 points? Then in hindsight New Vegas was head and shoulders above anything Bethesda has ever produced?

    Pepperidge Farm remembers.

    If Todd Howard had 2 IQ points to rub together he’d keep his damn mouth shut and never mention metacritic again.

  8. If it would be a F2P title peddling for micro transactions it would be fine, but it is full price title still at 60€.

    It was a bad game and still is a bad game. Todd, please give up trying to sell us on it. The only thing you do, is ruining the future of Bethesda.

  9. If they knew the game was bad then why make it? Todd’s words are nothing more than faux puff PR bullshittery.

  10. He kept citing Warfame around release, I believe, stating it was going to become good over time.

    See bud, difference is, Warframe was a long shot from a small Indie dev that was F2P…for over a decade, Publishers said the game could not be made.

    You however, had access to all the resources and a hugely popular IP.

    There’s no excuse.

  11. So, we pay 60€ for something that is supposed to eventually become fun in a few months/years. very cool, thanks Todd

  12. That goes directly opposed to famous Miyamoto’s quote:

    >A delayed game is eventually good, but a rushed game is forever bad

    Even NMS, which is now an okay game, still has a terrible reputation among people.

  13. “It’s not about selling a good game, it’s about fixing it later with tons of tasty, amazing, paid DLCs.”

  14. So basically they knew a bunch of people would buy it anyway because the game has “Fallout” in the title.

  15. They openly admit they lied to people about what the game was and the state it was in. Fucking pathetic.

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