10 thoughts on “Todd Howard On Elder Scrolls Horse Armor: “People Will Buy Anything””

  1. >”People will buy anything.” He added: “That doesn’t mean you should do it. [But] they will buy anything. That sounds terrible.”

  2. People who don’t read the article will shit all over this quote. Exactly like the misleading title wants you to

  3. > “Horse armor is not bad. I think horse armor is fine. The price point, at the time, was the issue. We felt, it’s probably worth this,” he said. “I won’t say who at Microsoft said, ‘Well, that’s less than we sell a theme for; a wallpaper is more than that. You should charge this; you can always lower it.’ We were like, ‘Okay!’ It’s a price-to-value proposition at the time, not do I want armor for my horse. And looking back now, it’s quite cheap.”

    Guess he learned his lesson since a paint job in FO76 is $18 US.

  4. Guarantee you people are gonna milk this shit out of context for karma for next coming years, like how they are doing with the EA and linear gaming quote.

  5. >”speaking of buying anything, have you tried skyrim? it should be available on the platform of your choice. pick it up today!”

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