41 thoughts on “Took me a whole week, but I finally drew all of the alchemy items on Skyrim as pixel art!”

  1. It was fun watching my art style improve as I went forward! You can see that the later pieces use a lot more complex shading (Mudcrab Chitin and Taproot are my favorite) than the earlier ones (like Briar Heart and Garlic)

  2. I’ve always been curious. When creating pixel art like this, how do you decide what the dimensions for a sprite will be? Do you start with a set X by Y canvas and work with that as a constraint?

  3. This is awesome. I feel a little guilty though, in the few hundred hours I put in to Skyrim I never did any alchemy outside of any quest required potion haha.

  4. Would kinda love an Elder Scrolls game to have a mini pixel/retro style quest – like sheogorath messing with reality – and using pixel art like these aha.

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