31 thoughts on “Trash Bandits”

  1. lol the fox gets crushed in the trash scope. His friends still have to collect his parts and throw it in the truck XD

  2. I was just thinking this is what would happen if temp agencies, the ones that sometimes provide the non-driver crew, didn’t test for meth before hiring.

  3. We got a wacky physics based game about moving shit and now we got a wacky physics based game about being a waste disposal fox.

    What other mundane jobs can we make into a game with wacky physics?

    Wacky Physics mailman where if thrown with the right speed, envelopes can become deadly paper shuriken? Or you can have your buddy on top of mail van and speed toward the house of the recipient and then slam the brakes, sending your buddy flying into the house with the package. Mission accomplished.

  4. For any of you looking for more info about this game, while i cant find more, the op has a YT channel called “Oliver Age 24” where he posts really ~~bad~~ amazing artwork.

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