8 thoughts on “Trover Saves the Universe has released on Steam”

  1. The game is incredibly funny. It’s also included in the much hated epic sale for £11 and is worth every penny.

  2. You’re gonna downvote me as always but by buying this you’re basically supporting Roiland who 1) Is friends with JonTron(white supremacist(and is proven, so dont try to defend that) 2) Literally treats his artist(Rick and Morty) as shit and created a ghost company to basically fuck them up. We can assume he treated the devs of this game similarly.


    Your choice if you want to support that.

  3. Has anyone played enough of this yet to know if I’m missing out majorly by not playing the VR version? I want to get VR eventually so id pick this up later if it seemed playing it in VR is much better

  4. After all the 3DS’s Rick bought from Walmart, why didn’t they get a deal to put it on switch

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