31 thoughts on “Truly the greatest tragedy of our generation.”

  1. Even worse when you and your friends planning long before and you get a server ready only to play completely alone for days

  2. My life would be so much better if i had a steady stream of friends to play games with smh…take me back to the MW2 days. Had 50 people on my friends list. Now i have 3 that never get on smfh. Really so depressing

  3. Slowly, yet surely, your friends leave until you are left with your best friend. Eventually, they leave, leaving you all alone on the server. The Discord call is silent due to the fact you’re the only one in it, your world is now devoid of your friends, and you start getting a sense of loneliness. You don’t get the depressing kind, just simple loneliness.

  4. I like when everyone makes plans to meet back up on a night later in the week to tackle some challenge that requires multiple players. So you decline irl plans because you know it might be another week or two before everyone is online together again.

    No one fucking shows up the whole night.

  5. I am on my phone in the sun, and I couldn’t see the skin from Steve, and I was like „isn’t that from that spongebob epis…

    Then I saw the skin. Am very pleased with myself rn.

  6. My friend does this all the time. Not the exact same thing, but similar.

    “Hey, wanna play some ‘X’ game?”

    “Sure, lemme just log in real quick.”

    *half a millisecond later*

    “Oh, actually, gotta go do something real quick. I’ll be back in a minute.”

    *Disappears for the rest of the day*

  7. My generation: “After this round I go to bed guys, it’s 1 AM”

    Round finishes. Me: ” Ok just one more, comon let’s go”

    At 5 AM: “Guys, I really gotta go now, sun is coming up, need some rest”

    Crawling in bed at 5.30 AM. Girlfriend: “You serious? OMG, how old are you?”

    Me: “37, now relax, I’ll make sure I’m up early”

    Me at 9 AM: “Please let me have 5 min more sleep, please babe? I love yoouuuuu”

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