44 thoughts on “Trying to make friends on a game without a chat function”

  1. Ha! Robotics are starting to get so freaking cool, I want one as small as a real spider that can climb on any surface and had a camera on the controller. Night vision included.

  2. All I’ve gut running through my head is David Attenborough’s voice going *”And here we have the programmed dance of the lesser robot. In a display as old as C++, one robot will try to woo the other with a series of complicated gestures in the hope of teaching it new moves, and of course eventually to throw off the shackles of it’s own enslavement…”*

  3. All I can think of are the mimics from Prey and honestly, if this is how they spend their free time, I’m 100% fine with letting them live guys

  4. Maintaining eye contact, copying each other and tea bagging. They are doing all the right things, they are also now the best of friends

  5. Oh my god hahah yesterday on destiny 2, a kid and I were synchronized teabagging, we bonded so much over it he added me as a friend hahaha

  6. If Star Gate SG-1 has taught me anything, its that we will need an fully automatic assault rifle or a shotgun. And that these guys multiply fast!

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