10 thoughts on “Ubisoft teasing a quest creator tool for AC:Odyssey”

  1. Ubisoft keeps knocking it out of the park. I think they’re going to steal e3 this year and I’m really really anxious to see this next AC game whenever they reveal that next year (or later this year).

  2. I want to make a quest where you have to slowly walk behind an NPC who walks through the whole town telling you information.

    The NPC walks faster than the normal walk speed but slower than the run speed. So it’s annoying to stay in range of the NPC.

    If you are too far away from the NPC, he gives up and goes home and the quest is failed.

    5/7 quest if I say so myself.

  3. This game has been my first real experience with single player GaaS and its awesome. Opening the game and still having so much content after over a hundred hours. Eager to see what update Ubi announces at E3.

  4. If Ubi would just allow mods, they’d yank the rug right out from under Bethesda. There are thousands of TES and Fallout fans, chomping at the bit for another port in the GaaS storm.

    Give them mods, Ubi, and they’re all yours. All of them.

  5. I still think they just should not have called it an Assassins Creed game. This game can easily carry itself and could have been a great introduction to a new franchise.

    Either way: it was a cool game at release already and I am thoroughly impressed by their post-launch support so far. Cool stuff and I hope they eventually dare to detach the eventual sequel from the AC franchise.

  6. 1. Select Priest, Athlete, Witch, Huntress, or Soldier.
    2. Select quest (deliver, give me money, assassinate merchant or priest, kill animals or enemies at a camp
    3. Select distance 300 yards away
    4. Select return to quest giver

    Bam, done, I did it!

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