38 thoughts on “Valve says sorry for Summer Sale Grand Prix confusion, gives away 5000 more games”

  1. Still waiting mine

    Also do they just giveaway cyberpunk or whatever the no.1 on your wishlist cause i put halo mcc in there

  2. Got a free ‘point completion’ when the event ended (was at 5k/15k, didn’t have time to grind the points through playing) and hit 15k tokens for a $4 discount on next purchase

    Didn’t win anything from the lucky draw, congrats to those who won

  3. Why they didn’t just put users in random teams to balance the race is fucking beyond me.

    People pooling into one or two teams is obviously predictable.

  4. I’ve managed to increase my booster pack drop rate by 160% as a result of this sale and that repeatedly-upgradeable badge, so honestly, I’m happy. I would go months at a time without any booster pack drops, and barely a week after I boosted it up I just got one, so clearly my jumped up Steam level is helping things.

  5. Thankfully, I’ve started “maturing” out of Steam Sales participation recently.

    I remember the days where I got at least 5 or 10 games in one sale. “Its only $1-$5 for a game! Nice!”

    These days I often value my time much more than money. If I REALLY want a game I’ll buy it full price on release like Witcher 3 or Destiny 2. If its a “meh” game like Vampyr most of Ubisoft games, I’ll wait for 50% off(Those actually go into my wishlist like next AC game which I’ll wait till its 50%). This works super well because by the time its 50% off I usually change my mind and save my money by NOT buying that game at all(Like I did with Watch Dogs 2).

    Gone are days of impulse buying stuff because “I might play it later” or “this looks nice” because most of the time I know I’ll probably won’t put more than one hour into those, if I ever get to playing them.

    Also being subbed to GamePass helps with “stuff to play when bored”, for me, that was the ultimate killer of Steam Sales. I just got Metro, Shadow of War and I still have Batman games there. And that’s just “play ASAP” category. I don’t think I have time to even install and play every game there.

  6. From the beginning and until the bitter end I was a loyal Tortoise. I have endured the humiliation of defeat, compounded by winning nothing, and I feel like this tawdry game has broken me…and then I feel my Aesopian rage rising and know nothing can ever make this right. All is lost, my tender but ill fated friends. All is lost.

  7. I noted from this thread that people put upcoming games on their wishlist. I put existing games there so I see which ones are on sale.

  8. Never understood this sale, only saw some kinda regular deals but nothing ground breaking, what was all the fuzz and memes about steam sales? Really dissapointed

  9. More games I won’t win, YIKES!
    At least I got from level 17 to level 60 from that Summer Sales badge.

  10. Did you have to participate in the game by getting points through playing games or buying games in order to be eligible to get a wishlist game ? Unfortunatley i was unable to do both cuz i was busy but i am interested which qualified users .

  11. The chance that you win is very low. There are 90 million active steam users, so lets say 80 milion participated in the grand prix:
    80.000.000 ÷ 10.000 = 8.000
    1÷ 8.000 = 0,000125
    0,000125 × 100 = 0,0125

    The chance that you win something is roughly 0,0125 %

  12. I guess ffxiv doesn’t count towards this thing cause I must have played more than a hundred hours during this event due to Shadowbringers coming on the 28th.

  13. I can’t understand why people are hating the event. You guys are acting as we are spending money in lootboxes, but we would spend the money in games anyway, every summer sale we do. This time we have chances to a discount (or to get a $5 free game) AND a daily chance to get a free game THAT WE CHOOSE for free.

    I got nothing but at least I am happy to have a chance and for the people that won their favorite games.

  14. Never won any kinda giveaway in my entire 19 years on this planet, you cant tell me these shits arent rigged and the people saying they won are just valve employees 😒

  15. Corgi had an easy win because most of us at Valveindex, who bought the Index, agreed to join team Corgi. Imagine a team full of people with $300, $500, $1000 worth of valid purchases right off the bat, each with 30k-130k worth of points at the very beginning. All we had to do was play games to boost our team.

    I still didn’t win anything though lol. Oh well.

  16. Honestly the event was confusing af. But that is the only complaint.

    Some of you fuckers are literally bitching at Valve for not winning the lottery. Especially when you can het a ticket for the lottery for free by having a game open for half hour.

  17. I really hate these sale gimmicks. Collect a pointless currency that vanishes once the sale is over…. at least this time it can be converted to $5 coupons

    Also who really believed anything but team corgi would win? Which team had the highest meme / cute potential? Did any of the others? Corgi was such an obvious bet

    The whole idea is stupid. They make these gimmicks more and more complicated every sale, and for what? More pointless profile badges and emotes? Who cares about that stuff?

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