37 thoughts on “Vending machine for gameboy games”

  1. Came across this on twitter. The mall which the machine is in is located at the Del Amo, California. Prices are around $20 each

  2. I’m a simple man. I see a Pokémon/Castlevania GBA combo pack, or a Castlevania/Castlevania GBA combo pack (both with Jolly Ranchers) I upvote. Sounds like a good weekend to me.

  3. Things like this make me irrationally angry, like that’s fantastic, but I can’t get parts for my shower at home depot, but people elsewhere can get pokemon games and jolly ranchers out of a vending machine.

    Like I heard Goodwill sends a lot of video game stuff to a specific store in North Carolina. Like, I play video games, I have money, I do not want to go on a road trip to North Carolina.

    Their online store sucks too. Like at this point, I just resent goodwill. I still upvoted this because that’s like a dream.

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