31 thoughts on “Very good advice”

  1. I hope i don’t sound like a creep but Lara Croft from the reboot on ps4 is seriously the most attractive character in a game ever jesus

  2. I had a art critical inquiry textbook talking about how tomb raider objectified women to no end and used pictures like the one on the left to justify it. Huge yikes.

  3. Those polygon jugs are ridiculous. Clearly they were capable of more refined shapes (i.e. the face) but they went with that for some reason.

  4. Back in the day, she was easily the hottest video game character around. A render of Lara was in a Playboy mag, if I recall right.

  5. i remember having to turn down the volume everytime she’d hoist herself up a platform bc she made a grunt that sounded like sex noises.

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