34 thoughts on “[VG247] Opinion: Epic Games is so aggressive because it wants the PC games market to itself”

  1. Regardless of how much you can agree with this speculative theory (I
    tend to) the thing that stroke me the most is realizing that we got to the point where it feels almost bizarre to read an article form the “independent press” that doesn’t feel either subtly or blatantly pro-Epic.

  2. The problem is they are so aggressive they are actively putting people off, I have friends that are buying games on console instead

  3. Microsoft XBox PC Pass did it the `Right Way` as they also want PC Games market (since their UWP thing with lots of shovelware didn’t work for them) and €pic **choose** to do it the `Wrong Way`.

    It’s not who do you think you’re, it’s your *”actions”* define who you’re and don’t lemme say what we think about €pic unfiltered.

  4. While I suspect this is broadly true (or at least, close enough to true as to make little difference), I really wonder how Epic would position themselves if they didn’t have Steam to act as the “villain” of the tale. They’ve been framing Steam as the bad guy this whole time — they’re only pursuing exclusives until Steam offers a fairer split, it’s Steam’s fault the games are exclusive because they won’t generate Steam keys for the games, “what about Steam’s exclusives?” — and this whole narrative would fall apart if their game store suddenly had a market majority. I don’t really think it’ll happen, but I do wonder how Epic would frame themselves as the victim were it to happen.

  5. Gee, VG247 do ya THINK that’s why they’re splashing around cash like a redneck lottery winner at a strip club?

  6. I think this article is the first one that clearly articulates some of the real complaints with EGS and doesn’t strawman its critics. Good on them.

  7. Nice to see that at least some parts of the gaming media are starting to express a viewpoint that’s already pretty mainstream with consumers.

  8. Well no shit, this has been their goal from the start. It’s never been about making it better for the consumer, it’s always been about having the whole market share to themselves and no one else. I would not be at all surprised if once they had gotten complete control that they’d start ramping up the cuts they take since no one can stop them at that point.

  9. nice joke….. considering epic games is only buying good quality games, I guess you can keep your trash steam to download trash games.

    Only epic games store and Gog are good to buy games.

  10. “The car football game is coming to the Epic Store at some point in late 2019, strongly suggesting that after that, the game would no longer be available for purchase on Steam. Rocket League was a big seller on Steam, so the purchase seems to be directly targeting Steam’s profits. Those exclusivity deals? It’s so Epic’s competitors don’t get a slice of the pie.”

    That’s a very good question about rocket league. What happens in 2019 when rocket league is available on the Epic Store? Are they just going to just yank it off the steam store like Metro?

    “Oh, sorry! If you want to play Rocket League download our launcher.”

    Having it on another store wouldn’t give them a full piece of the pie and steam is still gaining profits from sales. Anything on Steam hurts their profits. If you pull it off the store though, people will have to switch if they want to play. I’m sure that would piss off a lot of people but what do they care at this point?

    For all we know they could be setting something up if you have a rocket ID to give you the Epic version?

    I know it’s a well loved game but it just seems like a really shitty spot to be if you have like 2,000 hours into this game and this is all happening.

  11. I will either give up PC gaming or start pirating if EGS ever takes over the digital distribution market for PC. EGS offers no advantages over GOG or Steam.

  12. It’s almost as if the goal of capitalist market competition is to out-compete and eliminate other players.

  13. 1-Target a market.

    2- Cut prices to have monopoly on the market.

    3-Other corporation bankrupt because they cant follow on the prices.

    4-Once you have monopoly raise everything up forcing people to either buy in your store or pass on the product.

    Its like China and the steel market.

  14. It’s a business. That’s what it wants to do. Steam wants to do the exact same thing. Literally every market wants to do the exact same thing. Amazon wants the same. Walmart wants the same. Target wants the same. GameStop (lmao) wants the same. This is a stupid headline.
    “BREAKING NEWS: Company’s who’s sole purpose is to make money wants to make more money”. It’s dumb. No shit it wants the market to itself. Literally every company wants its market to itself. Epic isn’t good but this is a stupid attempt to make them look extra evil. Every company wants this. Steam included.

  15. The thing that really pisses me off about the EGS is how Tim Sweeney tries to make it sound like he’s the saviour of the games industry.

    He needs to cut that crap. He’s attempting to take down a “monopoly” by actively trying to buy a monopoly.

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