22 thoughts on “Video game nostalgia”

  1. I think it’s a mind thing. Just like.. smoke a bowl and lose yourself in the games again. Spiderman has been fun and immersive enough to enjoy like a kid.

  2. Hit me right in the feels 🙁
    I still play the original game / games that made me feel this way though… that way I can try and re-live the nostalgia.

  3. Too real.. I was just the other day explaining to a friend how games helped me personally read more and my problem solving skills were sharpened from playing games like Morrowind on PC.. subject matter and topics in Beyond Good and Evil or Half Life series.. Or just great gaming memories in dungeon runs with friends in Diablo series… Or the most true shooter of all time.. Counter-strike… Gaming in those times honestly felt better than most the recycled game crap of today. We traded overall quality of games for quantity, connectivity and microtransactions

  4. I miss when I was able to spend days on end paying Zelda or Morrowind or CIV.

    Nowadays not only do I have less time, I don’t have that same kind of mind anymore. I can’t invest that same amount of focus.

  5. First game I finished on the PS3 was Arkaham Asylum in 2007 and the last game I finished on the PS4 was Arkaham Asylum this year.

    I have bought around 200 games in between, none of those have been more enjoyable.

  6. I think the difference is that, as kids, we were stuck with the games we had. I knew I wasn’t getting a new game until I saved an immense amount of money from my paltry allowance, so I made sure to get some worth out of each and every one. Nowadays I definitely ain’t rich but if there’s a game I want, I can and will buy it. And then it just sits there, because there’s a dozen other games in my backlog.

    I’ve found that games have to be exceedingly good or interesting these days to keep my interest. RDR2, Spider-Man, Mario Odyssey have been the only ones I’ve completed in the last year. Overall it’s not a lack of interest but probably just too many options.

  7. I think its combination of things. When we started, everything was new but games aren’t that different now overall and we just got used to it and its not as “magical” anymore. Also i believe that they make less games that i used to enjoy now, because just when i start to think i don’t enjoy gaming as much anymore, a game comes around that blew that away in an instant. Sometimes when a game get “bad” reviews and they counting its “flaws”, i try it and i’m in love. I don’t know, i guess its not my prefered direction that they mostly taking with gaming.

  8. I felt this way until *Breath of the Wild.* Reinvigorated my love for gaming all over again. Just takes one great game to get back on track.

  9. Try to look for the games that can give you an experience and make you think about journey from beginning to the end.

  10. My first forays into gaming were in primary school on an Apple with 10 kids huddled around it, taking turns at Transylvania or Piccadilly. King’s Quest wasn’t too long after that.

  11. I’ve been having a lot of trouble with this recently. I have the money to buy whatever system and games I want. I have the flexibility to stay up and play when I want. I just don’t have the mindset any more. It doesn’t grab me like it used to. For a while it was a bummer.

    Recently my daughter discovered Minecraft, however, and I feel like I’m living through her. I remember the excitement at thinking *you* were the person to figure something out in a game. She has so much fun it’s infectious. It reminds me of my dad who definitely went through the same cycle. I always assumed he was humoring me when he said he had fun just watching me play. Now I know it may have been true.

  12. I’m playing Witcher 3 for the very first time and I feel like a kid again. I think it’s because there’s so much to do. It feels like a traditional videogame, nothing is stuck behind a paywall.

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